Care Plans


  •  Provide preliminary Assessment
  • Conduct research and analysis 
  •  Develop scope of work, milestones (project plan) and anticipated costs 
  •  Obtain Medical History Consent Form
  • Outline insurance plan, medical billing and payer assistance options (including Medicare), and other associated out of pocket costs   

       When Applicable:

  • Attend doctor visits, physical therapy & diagnostic testing
  • Seek specialists, second opinions and clinical trials, surgery versus alternative medicine
  •  With physicians, manage hospitalization, discharge plans, medication review and oversight, and medical records management
  • Assist in financial and legal medical documents; health proxy, living will, power of attorney, advanced directives, etc.
  • Work with relevant vendors and families and assist in lifestyle integration/modifications, relocations, assisted living, nursing homes, etc.
  • Develop pain management support
  • Provide end-of-life support