HealthCareSOS is all about providing patient advocacy services. Receiving bad news about your health or someone close to you can be devastating. We know all too well and that is why HealthCareSOS is there to help people during these troubling and confusing times. Whether you are trying to understand an illness, where to get treatment, how to navigate through our healthcare system, deal with your insurance companies, and/or more, we can help you get through it; provide you with more control and less worry and vulnerability. 

                                                       We are here for you 24/7

  • We have extensive resources that help individuals and families navigate complex medical situations
  • We treat the total client not just an illness
  • We serve as the captain of the total healthcare team – including assessment, project management, doctor visits/consultations and final resolution/s
  • We work with families and friends to assume total care and/or provide caregiver assistance
  • We provide the latest medical care and innovation information, including clinical trials

Serving the New England area, contact us in Marblehead, MA today for more information about how we are dedicated to resolving your health issues, when you need it.